CD Review: Miles Pike – Blood Kin

CD Review: Miles Pike – Blood Kin

 Song Titles: “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along,” “The Church Homecoming,” “October Harvest,” “I Made Time For You,” “Tell Me How To Get There,” “Real Faith,” “Redemption Complete,” “It Takes Faith,” “One,” “That’s What I Call Love,” “Safe In Daddy’s Hands,” “I Can See Through You,” “Ever New, But Never Changing,” “His Blood Has Made Us One” and “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along (Reprise)”

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Blood Kin by Miles Pike is a collection of gospel songs with family as the primary topic. The CD was produced by Tommy Cooper with background vocals by Reggie & Ladye Love Smith along with the late Stephen Hill, various members of Pike’s family, the Alabama School Of Gospel Music, and others.

1. The excellent song selection is made even better by the consistent theme of family in the lyrics.
2. The family theme is extended to the interior artwork with a collection of family photos. Not only that, James Pike wrote several songs and several other members of Miles Pike’s family are credited as background vocalists.
3. Speaking of James Pike, one of the more enjoyable songs is his “Tell Me How To Get There.” The Cajun rhythm is infectious.
4. I also enjoyed hearing Pike’s versions of Mark Bishop’s “The Church Homecoming” and “October Harvest.”

1. “Redemption Complete” is pitched a step too low and would have benefited from a more emotional vocal delivery.
2. Pike’s vocal range is great as long as he sticks to the baritone to tenor spectrum. He can’t hit deep bass notes with authority, but he tries anyway on “That’s What I Call Love.” His two meager growls in this arrangment detract from an otherwise good performance.

Blood Kin is a strong effort from Miles Pike with the bonus of good songwriting, vocals and production quality. Pike is a solid singer with a good tone, but he doesn’t always emphasize key lyrics with enough feeling. Otherwise, I enjoyed and recommend this CD to any Southern Gospel fans who enjoys soloist projects.

You get 40% more than the standard 10 songs on this CD, plus a shorter variation of the first song. More isn’t necessarily always better, though. The overall CD rating would have probably been a half star higher if two or three of the weaker selections had been left off.

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