CD Review: Miles Pike – Walk Through The Pages

Song Titles: “Through The Pages,” “In The Cool Of The Day,” “I Am,” “Gonna Take It And Leave It,” “Wake Up Call,” “Hope Has Hands,” “The Ragged Edge,” “Pigs Flew,” “Teach Me To Love Like That,” “Did he Hear My Cry,” “The Tomb Is Empty” and “He Is”

Rating: 4 Stars

Walk Through The Pages by Miles Pike has a great concept. After the opening track encouraging listeners to read their bible, “In The Cool Of The Day” starts the journey with the story of Adam and Eve. “I Am” refers to several biblical characters including David and Paul. “Gonna Take It And Leave It” includes the story of Daniel. “Hope Has Hands” tells the story of Chirst’s birth. “Pigs Flew” offers a novel take on the miracle of the demons being cast into the herd of swine. Each song references a familiar biblical story. The CD finishes up with “He Is,” a song that recounts God’s role in each book of the Bible.

With twelve songs, a CD by a soloist can sometimes get monotonous, but that isn’t the case here. Walk Through The Pages includes a good range of musical styles. Some arrangements are orchestrated (“Hope Has Hands”/”Did He Hear My Cry”), others have more of a modern Southern Gospel sound (“The Ragged Edge”) and some learn more toward a pop sound (“Through The Pages”). “Hope Has Hands” and “Did He Hear Me Cry” feature solos by Kim Pike and Belinda Stutzman-Davis respectively, which adds another layer of variety.

The most notable musical departure is “Wake Up Call.” This male quartet arrangement features just Tracey Phillips’ piano for accompaniment. It reminds me of some of the arrangements Mercy’s Well has done with just piano on their hymns recordings. Pike lists Reggie Smith as a background vocalist in the credits, but I think Pike is singing all four parts here. There are some step-out parts for the tenor that don’t sound like Smith.

Speaking of vocal range, Pike is confident and capable over a wide range. My only negative reactions were in the spots where tried to sing deep. At the end of “Pigs Flew,” he attempts a walk down part into Tim Riley/Jeff Chapman territory that doesn’t go so well. After singing the whole song with solid baritone tones, he should have stopped while he was ahead.

That complaint aside, I was impressed by the overall production quality, Pike’s vocal performance, the song selection and the concept of Walk Through The Pages. The interior packaging design looks great, too.

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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