Ball Brothers (Tunnel Hill, GA)

I’ve been to quite a few Ball Brothers concerts but this was the first time I have seen their newest vocalist, Chad McCloskey, in person.   It seems that this concert on the Friday before NQC might be turning into an annual event since this was their second such concert at Tunnel Hill Methodist Church.

The Ball Brothers have always had a smooth blend and easily recognizable style whether they were singing as a trio or a quartet, and that has not changed with the addition of two non-family-member vocalists.   Brothers Andrew and Daniel have now been joined by Andy Tharp and the beginning of the year and now Chad during the summer.   Generally, Andrew sings the tenor part and Daniel sings lead.  Andy and Chad take care of the lower end with Chad generally taking the lowest notes.  During the last few months, pianist Cody McVey has become engaged to one of the Ball sisters, so that marriage will add another family member back to the group!

Here’s what they sang for us:

  • Happy Am I (also includes a little bit of Happiness Is)  – This was a fun song to start the concert.
  • I Wouldn’t Miss Heaven for the World – This was one of their earliest songs and featured Andy, then Daniel.
  • Glory to God in the Highest – The Ball Brothers don’t do the choreography that the original Signature Sound group did, but it’s the same song!
  • Not Gonna Worry –  Even with the two non-brother members, the sound on this song had the same silky-smooth blend!!
  • Every Day, Every Hour  – This was another of their older songs.
  • Basics of Life – This was a song that was special to them in their teenage years and they’ve brought it back on their Recharged album.
  • I Sing the Mighty Power Medley – This was a piano solo from Cody from his brand new Symphony CD, produced by Lari Goss.   It includes I Sing the Mighty Power of God and A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.   You can order this CD from Cody’s website.
  • Glimpse of Your Glory – This is another Ball Brother “oldie” from their Breakthrough album.  Great song!
  • Forgiven – This is another song where Andy has the lead on the first verse and then Daniel has it on the rest of the song.
  • Introduction of Chad and singing of Beulah Land – Daniel is so funny as the emcee!  You never know exactly what he’s going to say or what to believe when he gets going on one of his “stories!”  Of course, Chad did a great job on the song!  Here’s a video from the Ball Brothers’ youtube channel.
  • Mercy Said No – Andrew was featured on this wonderful song.   This is one of the songs from their first album and the message is timeless.
  • There Is a Mountain – I love this one, too!!   And this is the closest they get to “choreography” when they criss-cross on the stage and stand in different positions!
  • I’m Already Living Forever –  This is the first Ball Brothers song I remember hearing on the radio and it is still among my favorites with that Ball Brothers blend!
  • The Peace of God – This song is  just beautiful and has a really peaceful feel with a sort of 40’s swing style.
  • Healer of My Heart – This was probably the prettiest song of the evening!
  • Old Time Religion with William Tell Overture  – This was a second piano solo from Cody’s new CD.
  • Ride That Glory Train – Their vocal imitation of a train whistle at the beginning was fun!   And Chad has a real bass line you can hear pretty well on this classic song.
  • Walkin’ in Jerusalem – Andy is featured on this song that, for some reason, makes me think of old TV westerns!  I guess it’s the guitar strumming!    Andy and Daniel took turns on the verses.
  • It’s About the Cross – They almost always end with this song which they consider their theme song of sorts.  They’ve even produced a great “official” video of this song with the original quartet members.

It’s so easy to keep up with the Ball Brothers.  They have a great web site where they frequently post updates and their youtube channel frequently has “Rolling with the Ball Brothers” video blogs that are, shall we say, very creative!   They are also in the midst of preparing a new CD titled “Strength.”  Be watching for it!!

Diana Brantley

Diana is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and is a relatively recent southern gospel fan, having started listening avidly about 15 years ago. With easy access to eastern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee and north and central Georgia, Diana attends as many concerts as her schedule allows to see a wide variety of artists.

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