An A Cappella Collection – Sisters


  • Album – An A Cappella Collection
  • Artist – Sisters
  • Label – Independent
  • Style – A Cappella, Progressive
  • Release Date – 07/17/12
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes)


If awards were handed out for vocal talent alone, Sisters would be hard to beat.  The intricate harmony work this trio excels at makes them one of the best artists in Southern Gospel music.

There is no better way to show off that vocal talent than record an a cappella album.  Sisters, An A Cappella Collection has been available since July 17th, 2012.

Kim, Valerie and Heather combine to create an amazing vocal experience.


  • Since this is what I call a ‘special event’ type recording, in that all songs have been recorded before I will briefly touch on all the amazing moments.
  • Sisters was brave enough to release a radio single from this album, “Thou Oh Lord”.  While the song didn’t chart on Southern Gospel radio, it is a shame that radio programmers didn’t include it in their rotation.  The vocal harmony work on this song alone is worth purchasing the entire recording.
  • Southern Gospel favorites “Jesus Saves” and “Come On Let’s Go To That Land” were included on the recording.  I enjoyed the treatment “Come On Let’s Go To That Land” was given.  You listen to this recording long enough you forget there is no musical back ground music backing up the vocals.
  • There is no need to single out any single performer on certain songs because the entire recording is a master piece of vocal ensemble work.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Thou Oh Lord”, “Come On Let’s Go To That Land”, “Come Thou Fount”, “Power Of The Cross (In Christ Alone)”, “Jesus Saves” and “Agnus Dei (Worthy Is The Lamb)”.
  • Throwing a patriotic song and then a Christmas song back to back on the recording seemed a bit dis-jointed.
  • Another recording of “It Is Well”.  You can almost overlook another version of this song because Sisters performs it so well.
  • If the listener, listens close enough on “Joyful, Joyful”, you can hear a little shout out to Janet Jackson on a bridge used in the song.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Patriotic Medley”, “Joyful, Joyful” and “It Is Well”.


An A Cappella Collection is a vocal master piece.  For anyone that has seen Sisters perform, already know the vocal talents these women possess.  When those talents are combined to create a vocal only recording, one can only imagine the outcome.  That outcome is nothing short of musical perfection.  While some may not see this album as a strict Southern Gospel recording, I still consider Sisters, An A Cappella Collection the best a cappella album ever recorded in Southern Gospel music.

SONG LIST:  1. “Come Thou Fount”  2. “Jesus Saves”  3. “Thou Oh Lord”  4. “Joyful, Joyful”  5. “Power Of The Cross (In Christ Alone)”  6. “Come On Let’s Go To That Land”  7. “It Is Well”  8. “Agnus Dei (Worthy Is The Lamb)”  9. “Patriotic Medley”  10. “Carol Of The Bells”

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  1. marywrighttmary
    Reply September 27, 18:53 #1 marywrighttmary

    Sometimes Im jealous of their talent. I should not be, but they could charm the brand off of a cow with their incredible sound. A cappella is their ideal venue because they are one of only a few who sound better without music. Glory to God, that they use their talents for His Glory!

  2. matt
    Reply September 27, 19:35 #2 matt

    Not to drift O/T, but I think the best SG acappella recording ever is The Cathedrals Voices in Praise. :-) I have heard this group only on-line, but they sound very good. Are they actual sisters?

    • marywrightt
      Reply September 29, 07:55 marywrightt

      They are sisters. They sang with their mom when they were younger as The Ruppe Family. You have to hear them in person to get the wow effect – its uncanny. The Cathedrals are great, so are the Booth and Ball brothers. But you simply ought to hear Sisters if you ever get the chance. Go over to musicscribe and ask David about them; he can give you a full picture of them. In fact, David ought to think about playing piano for them sometime. Wonder if that ever occurred to him. Occurrs to me because they are the best vocalists and he is without doubt the best pianoist. They would make a winning group.

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