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Daywind Records and Brian Free & Assurance are already releasing a new recording.  The paint hasn’t even dried on Never Walk Alone; the biggest recording of the group’s career.  A little more time should have passed before the release of a new album, even if it is a greatest hits collection.  Hitting retail outlets on 08/16/11, A Season To Remember is a collection of the group’s 14 biggest songs spanning their recording career with Daywind Records.

Considering this is a recording of all previously released music, I will not give my normal ratings scale.  Instead I will offer a little insight if this recording should become part of your music collection.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on the group’s biggest songs, that is not what you’ll find with this recording.  All 14 songs are the original cuts including the live songs from the Live In New York City recording.

Original cuts are not the problem with a greatest hits collection but there is no incentive to get a Brian Free & Assurance fan to purchase this album.  Most long time fans will already have the original recordings of each song.  Taking a page from mainstream musical genres and placing a couple new songs in addition to the greatest hits would be huge plus.  Jessica King’s recent release of Work Of Heart, The Best Of followed that pattern by placing three new songs along side the previously released songs.

Where this album will do well is among the group’s fair weather fans.  Listeners who enjoy the group’s biggest songs but don’t want to purchase an entire recording now have the opportunity to get all the group’s biggest songs on one recording.  If nothing else, it is worth looking at the groups nearly 18 year career and finding all their biggest songs in one place.

SONG LIST:  1. “Long As I Got King Jesus”  2. “For God So Loved”  3. “Praying Man”  4.  “If It Takes A Valley”  5. “Never Walk Alone”  6. “Die Another Day”  7. “You Must Have Met Him”  8. “I Am Redeemed”  9. “Greater Still”  10. “Mary Knew”  11. “Healed”  12. “I Believe God”  13. “It’s All About The Blood”  14. “There’ll Come A Day”

Steve Eaton

(1) Southern Gospel collector (30+ years) (2) Author/Editor of sghistory.com

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  1. Reply August 05, 18:17 #1 yankeegospelgirl

    Good point about including new material as an incentive. I tend to think of greatest hits projects from the perspective of new fans: Would this be a good project with which to initiate the uninitiated? Because as you said, the long-time fans already have all the songs.

    • Reply August 05, 19:57 Aaron Swain

      I, for one, would much rather have a “Greatest Hits” collection in which the current group re-records the songs. A fresh take on vocals, and possibly tracks or arrangements, would have me handing over my money much faster than a compilation of previous recordings.

      Take, for instance, Legacy Five’s “Decade” release. Part of the reason I liked it was, in addition to putting new songs alongside older ones, all of the hits were done with new vocals and tracks. Did the tracks or performances always stack up? IMHO, some did not, but at least the effort was made.

      • Reply August 05, 22:54 yankeegospelgirl

        I think I agree. From an artistic perspective, re-makes are much more interesting. But I have to admit that I wind up still preferring the originals when an artist takes that route. And people like what they know. I suppose that in a genre with predominantly older fans, it may also be more convenient for folks who own the CDs with all the songs on them, but don’t have the wherewithal to put them all in one place by “burning” a favorites collection or using an ipod.

      • Reply August 05, 22:56 yankeegospelgirl

        Correction: I USUALLY wind up preferring the originals. Sometimes the re-make is just as good or better. A perfect example of this is Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young.” The original is slow, but he recorded an alternate acoustic version that’s really kicking and FAR superior.

  2. Reply August 08, 10:08 #2 steven

    While I am a die hard BFA fan, since i own all of these songs I probably won’t purchase. If they did recut the songs I may have. What I am excited about is them possibly restaging some of these songs again, like greater still or there’ll come a day.

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