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When I first started this blog I mentioned that I would probably not do album reviews as there are so many other great bloggers doing that.

Well, CDs are arriving anyway. If someone has enough confidence in me to send me a CD then I will do an album review. I will be posting my first album review before the end of the week.

To try to be a bit different from everyone else, I will be rating an album based on five main criteria.  Each criteria will have a score out of ten and then the average of the five scores will be the overall rating for the recording.   The five criteria are as follows.

  1. Creativity/Originality – Is the artist attempting something new or sticking to their same formula.
  2. Lyrical Content – Does the lyrics contained in the recording still make it a Southern Gospel recording.
  3. Production – Rates the instrumentation and vocals of the recording.
  4. Song Selection – Do all the songs come together to create a strong recording.
  5. The Steve Test – My overall rating on whether or not I would recommend the recording.
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  1. New SoGo Fan
    Reply October 07, 15:05 #1 New SoGo Fan

    Is creativity always better than sticking with the same sound? (And by the way, I think the word originality is actually a synonym for creativity, so you might want to come up with a different word there even though I know what you mean.)

    I mean, sure, thinking outside the box can have great results (see Declaration, Booth Brothers), but sometimes not. If I really like a group’s sound, I’m not sure I want to see them “get creative.” What if the new style isn’t as good as the old?


    • Steve Eaton
      Reply October 07, 15:46 Steve Eaton

      You’re absolutely right. Originality and creativeness are one in the same. My goal for that criteria will try to determine if the artist took a fresh approach in recording the new album compared to their other recordings. An artist can take a fresh/bold approach without overhauling their entire sound/style.


      • New SoGo Fan
        Reply October 07, 16:16 New SoGo Fan

        Okay, I was just wondering because you had set it up as Creativity versus Originality… usually when there’s a “versus,” that means two things are the opposite of each other.



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