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Paid In Full have an impressive list of achievements for a young trio. They possessed so much talent and promise that in 1996, Jake Hess took them under his “musical wing”, allowing them to perform in his home church in Georgia and giving them the opportunity to meet the industrys most influential people. They had the chance to sing at Gaither Homecoming events and have guest singers on their projects such as David Phelps and Duane Allen. To date they have recorded 7 albums, 4 gospel projects, an acoustic collection of hymns and favourites and a Christmas collection. These projects have had the added influence of Michael Sykes and Woody Wright, sometimes both!!

Track Listing:

  1. If The Truth Be Told
  2. I Go To Jesus
  3. This Is The Day
  4. Praise Makes The Walls Come Down
  5. Lead On
  6. My Soul Is Firmly Anchored (with Gene McDonald)
  7. Waiting For The Morning
  8. Light Doesn’t Make A Sound
  9. It Takes A Faith
  10. Faith Moved A Mountain
  11. The Other Side

No Trace of Rain is a very impressive project. The selected material that has some brilliant writers, Bill Gaither, Woody Wright, Dianne Wilkinson and Stephen Hill. Two of the groups members, Bradley Littlejohn and Lance Moore have written songs that  are recorded on this project. They are very competent writers and their versions of the songs are equally impressive.

Stylistically there is a wide spectrum, there is a progressive bend on some of the songs, a more acoustic country feel on others with an all out quartet feel on, “My Soul Is Firmly Anchored” with Gene McDonald. I loved this feature, but I think overall, Paid In Full have their own unique sound as a trio. There really is something to quench every musical taste.

You can listen to all the tracks in their entirety at PIF’s blog, here.

Paid In Full Website –

Philip Boles

Philip is the biggest Southern Gospel fan in Northern Ireland and possibly outside of the USA. He sings with a Northern Irish trio called, "Solid Ground" and blogs when spare time allows. You can follow Philip on Twitter.

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  1. Reply March 25, 11:11 #1 Diana

    I enjoyed your review, Phil, and I really love this album. I agree wholeheartedly with you that even though it was nice to have guest artist Gene McDonald on the project, their distinctive trio sound is quite enough on its own!

    • Reply March 26, 22:37 Phil


      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      They have a great trio sound, but it sounds full enough. With some trios i always felt that they lacked the bass part, but not PIF.

  2. Reply April 01, 11:22 #2 Gospel CDs

    I’d like to buy this CD. Gospel music is my favorite. I’d listen to it all the time.

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