CD Rated: Kingdom Heirs (From The Redbook, Volume One)

RATING: 4 Stars Website: Producer: Arthur Rice Label: Sonlite Song Titles: “Tell Me The Story Of Jesus,” “Getting Ready To Leave This World” (Instrumental), “I’ll Meet You By The

CD Rated: Called Out Quartet (Classics)

RATING: 4 Stars Website: Producer: Eddie Crook Song Titles: “Somebody Loves Me,” “I’ve Got So Much To Thank Him For,” “A Beautiful Life,” “Thank God I Am Free,” “Now

CD Rated: Akins (Good Tired)

RATING: 4 Stars Website: Producer: The Akins BUY IT! Song Titles: “Good Tired,” “Make A Difference In This World,” “When You’re In Love,” “Good To Know It’s Not The

CD Rated: Dixie Echoes (So Many Reasons)

RATING: 4 1/2 Stars Website: Producers: Randy Shelnut, Randy Shelnut Jr., and Stewart Varnado Song Titles: “I’ll Be Ready To Go With Him,” “So Many Reasons,” “Miracles Will Happen