CD Rated: Arkin Terrell (One Step Closer)

Rating: 4 Stars Label: I Witness Records Producers: Billy Davis and Chip Davis Website: Song Titles: “Strength To Surrender,” “If This Is All There Is,” “Prints Of Peace,” “Lets

CD “Mega Review”: Dove Brothers (Life)

Composite Rating: 3.67 Label: Sonlite Records Producers: David Johnson and Danny Crawford Website: Contributors: Wes Burke (Burke’s Brainwork) Daniel J. Mount ( Adam Edwards (Southern Gospel Critique) David Bruce

CD “Mega Review”: Triumphant Quartet (Intermission)

Composite Ranking: 4.5 Stars. Producer: Jeff Stice. Song List: It’s a Wonderful Day; Way Up in Gloryland; When I Receive My Robe and Crown; For God So Loved; Turn Your

CD Rated: Mike Upright (Songs For The Common Man)

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars Producers: Mike Upright and Scott Barnett Website: Song Titles: “Please Tell Me Again,” “When I Lay My Isaac Down,” “The Hero’s On The Hill,” “The