Bill Gaither’s Health and the Atlanta Concert

Bill Gaither missed the Memphis, TN “Jubilate’ re-schedule” date on Thursday. Gloria went along to fill in for him. Word has it that he had some issue with the heart stint that was put in back during the Myrtle Beach “Gaither-Fest” when Mark Lowry had to fill-in.

But, Bill flew into Atlanta in time for Friday night’s show and he honestly seemed fine. (Aside from Bill leaving the stage about a minute or two before the very end of the concert, he was there “all along.”)

The concert was tremendous, as usual. I really didn’t “notice” that the tour’s artist roster had been cut. The music was still plentiful and there wasn’t a boring part to the night.

I don’t have a rundown of the songs… but I do have some pictures that I snapped of some backstage moments that I’ll post soon.

Daniel Britt

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