CD Review: Mark Bishop (Everyday)

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RATING: 5 Stars

Label: Sonlite
Producers: Jeff Collins and Mark Bishop
Song Titles: “I Don’t Believe It,” “It All Works Out,” “With Me Always (duet with Lauren Talley),” “Remember Who He Is, Remember What He Does,” “Let Jesus,” “Let The Angels Take The Fallen,” “I’m Looking For Jesus,” “The Church Homecoming,” “Miracle Rose,” and “Lord Go With Me”

Mark Bishop is a great songwriter. Not only that, he’s probably the best songwriter Mark Bishop the performer could possibly find when seeking new material. It’s no huge surprise that he wrote all ten songs for Everyday (with no co-writers).

“I Don’t Believe It” may seem like a strange title for a gospel song, but there’s a twist in each verse that makes it crystal clear once you hear it. “It All Works Out” is a mid-tempo story song that progresses from a bedtime story in the first verse to escaping from a storm in the second to a statement about eternal life in the third. Lauren Talley joins Bishop on “With Me Always,” a ballad that starts soft and gradually builds to a big finish. Other facets of Everyday that caught my attention include the lyrics of “Let Jesus In,” which tells the story of a man’s salvation experience; the Celtic tones of “Let The Angels Take The Fallen;” the unpredictable phrase structures of “The Church Homecoming;” and the imagery of the lyrics in “Miracle Rose.” “Lord Go With Me” is a “help me through the valley” type song that brings Everyday to a powerful close.

Everyday holds your attention from beginning to end, not because Mark Bishop is a particularly superb vocalist and not because the production quality is unique…Bishop’s success with Everyday comes because he’s an outstanding communicator who is singing songs written specifically for him by a great songwriter…who also happens to be him. Alongside Mercy’s Well‘s Hymns and Brian Free & Assurance’s It’s So God, Everyday is among the Top Three releases of 2006.

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply October 30, 21:08 #1 J. Johnson

    This is such a wonderful CD. “Let the Angels Take the Fallen” is my favorite track, but I enjoy each song. It is another album that I’ve added each song on it to my mp3 player! (My own version of ratings – I usually leave one or more songs from a CD off.)

    Thank you for doing such a wide variety of reviews – I’ve checked out several groups due to your reviews, to which I might not otherwise have been exposed. Mark Bishop is one of them.

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