That ‘Signature Sound’ … in the dark!

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Friday night was the Atlanta stop on the Summer Spectacular tour of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. The doors opened at Roswell Street Baptist in Marietta, GA at 6:30. Then, at about 6:32, a super storm hit with wind (strong enough to blow a porta-potty across the parking lot) and then the lights went out.

Funny thing is how the lights went completely out in the auditorium itself, while the lights stayed on in the hallway. Then, fire alarms went off with a voice on a loudspeaker declaring an emergency and to find an exit. Thankfully, no one freaked or even left the building because, also thankfully, there was no emergency.

So, from 6:30 until about 8:45, there was no power or lights in the sanctuary. Ernie and the guys started singing shortly after 7:30 (when the concert was supposed to start), but did so most of that time in the dark and a cappella. It gave Roy great opportunity to use his comedy and rib Ernie a lot. Funny stuff.

I have taken pictures and even a video clip – but because the lights were out, the pictures are not very clear (click here to view).

The air conditioning in the church never really did come on, so it was like an oven there… where, just before the storm, my car’s temperature gauge read 105 degrees!

Where some artists would cancel or delay the show (and frankly, after about 45 minutes of winging it with no power, I expected the group to take a break or wait it out… ), Signature Sound kept on singing and talking throughout the whole ordeal with no signs of stopping. For part of the time they somehow managed to power a portion of their lighting and sound systems. (Ernie at one point was working on connecting the bus generator to the sound and lights). The minimum setup was short-lived (not sure why), because during one song, at the end of a verse, it all went dark again. Somebody used a flashlight as a spotlight to provide an eerie kind of glow onto Ernie and the guys. But, they were determined to sing their way through the mess and, eventually, it paid off as the power company had everything restored and the show continued on.

As one other reviewer put it: It was the night the lights went out in Georgia!

Daniel Britt

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