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1. Submitted CDs and/or DVDs should be as near to “retail ready” as possible. I will review a pre-release if the retail version of the product isn’t yet packaged in final form, but only if the final artwork and final song sequence are included.

2. PLEASE DON’T send every CD you’re currently carrying on your product table. Only send your latest and best CD.

3. Submission of product does not guarantee a full length review will be published. UPDATED 7/10/07: I will always publish a rating on my Musicscribe site for every submitted CD, as long as requirements #1 and #2 above are met.

4. Product will not be returned, regardless of whether it was reviewed.

5. Reviews are written from a fan perspective with the interests of the prospective purchaser in mind. The primary driving purpose of my reviews is NOT to help artists “launch careers” or “gain exposure.” It’s entirely possible something of that nature could happen as an indirect result of a favorable review, but artists and labels should not be surprised after the fact if a review points out flaws. Reviews will not be removed from the site after the fact. Artists are encouraged to read other reviews I’ve published on the Musicscribe site and in Singing News before submitting their CDs. This should help artists determine if they want to submit their own CDs for a similar type of analysis.

6. Artists are welcome to use quotes from reviews for publicity purposes as long as they credit me as the author and keep the quote in context.

7. UPDATED MAILING ADDRESS 3/13/08: Submit product to 463 Pinehurst Rd., Ellenboro, NC 28040. PLEASE DON’T send certified mail or any other method that requires me to sign for your CD.

Song License Research

Need help paying song royalties for your new CD?

For $5 per song, I will research the details, including locating the publisher’s mailing address. I’ll also provide you with a form letter to use for requesting a song license from the publisher.

If I can’t locate the proper publisher or steer you to the wrong publisher, I’ll refund your money.

Send $5 per song to 463 Pinehurst Rd., Ellenboro, NC 28040. Include the song title (obviously), and any other pertinent information you have available such as the name of the songwriter and/or publisher. This information can usually be found on printed music or on the liner notes of a previous recording.

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply February 06, 00:27 #1 Johnathan Bond / Young Harmony

    Hey David, I hope you are doing well. I sent a copy of our “Acoustically Noted” CD to you just a few weeks back and I was wondering if you received it. If so, when can I expect a review on the project. If it is so bad that you just can’t bear to listen to it, I understand, (lol – I hope…)
    Just let me know if you can. (

  2. Reply March 06, 13:28 #2 Deena Ashley

    I think you’re great! You are to the point, and not just playing nice. I believe you take what you do very seriously. Thank you for keeping it real. I love constructive criticism, and someone who is willing to put their true opinions out there, and aren’t just giving empty or insincere compliments. I am sending you my CD, and hope you will be even tougher with me. I value all the specific, detailed help I can get from someone of your mindset. I seek to improve always, and need someone like you to give me the truth in a direct manner, as I know you will. Deena Ashley

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