Road Trip Review, Day 4, Part B

Tuesday Evening Concert, September 13, 2005 – NQC
There were seventeen groups on the Tuesday evening concert at NQC. I saw nine of them perform complete sets, and caught the tail end of two others. Tuesday night is typically the night I spend more time in the Exhibit Hall chatting with artists and message board friends.

You probably know this drill by now…comments are in blue. Asterisks (*) are beside groups that impressed me with their performances. Apologies for incorrect titles.

Overall, I’ve sensed an improvement in the professionalism at this year’s event…more variety in how they get artists on the stage and the crew has been quick this year. Also, I have seen NO commercials on video during the evening concerts this year.

I missed the Galloways, Squire Parsons Trio, Down East, and Reggie Saddler Family. The Primitives were on their last song when I took my seat, but I didn’t get there in time to catch the song title.

Dr. Buck Morton was tonight’s emcee, but he turned his duties over to Dennis Swanberg part of the time. I didn’t hear Morton use the phrase “sing the notes off the page” a single time.

*Perrys (Their whole set consisted of songs from their new CD, Remembering The Happy Goodmans. They used a full live band for their set, including Rick Goodman on drums, Jeff Easter on bass, Steve Easter on steel, Tim Surrett on rhythm guitar, and their regular piano player.)
“I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now”/”The Eastern Gate”/”What A Beautiful Day”/”Who Am I?”/”Living In Canaan Now”

Crossway (Paul Lancaster was filling in for one of the guys whose wife recently gave birth to triplets.)
“The Long Arm Of Love”/”I’ll Fly Away” (This was performed with one of the singers playing a guitar for accompaniment…they did a unique version on this song, which was very nice)/”I See A Savior”

Rick Webb Trio
“Bells Of Heaven”/”Let The Church Roll On” (This was a novelty song…cute lyrics, but the arrangement repeated the chorus too much, IMO.)/”Mercy Stepped In”/”Let Us Stand”

“You Sure Do Need Him Now” with “Standin’ In The Need Of Prayer”/”I’ve Seen The Light”/”I’m Standing My Ground”/”On Jesus Alone We Will Stand”

*Booth Brothers
“His Grace Is Sufficient”/”Livin’ For The Moment” (This is the best cut on their new CD, IMO…lots of energy, which they do so well.)/”He Saw It All” (This is their current single, and it got a great response.)/”Still Feeling Fine”/”He Saw It All” (A reprise of the chorus, with just acoustic guitar played by Ronnie Booth for accompaniment…smart move, IMO…they made sure the audience didn’t forget their current single after hearing “Still Feeling Fine.”)/”Through It All” (Ronnie Booth sounded a lot like Larry Gatlin on this.)

*Crabb Family
“Amazing Grace” (Harmonica, then vocal solo)/”Please Forgive Me”/”Through The Fire”/”Don’t You Wanna Go?”/”Redeemer” (This is the song originally recorded by Nicole C. Mullen.)/”Because He Lives”

*Toney Brothers
“Then I Met The Master”/”Light Up The Sky”/”In The Garden”/”Feeling Mighty Fine” (They were joined by the Booth Brothers for their last song.)

I missed the Whisnants and Journeymen. When I got back to my seat, the McKameys were finishing up their last song, which was “I’ve Won.” Peg still had her shoes on.

“Yes, I Am”/”He Wrote My Name”/”I Wonder What They’re Thinking Now”/”Jerusalem” (I may have missed one of the Hoppers’ songs. They had a 23 minute set, so I’m thinking they surely did another one.)

*Greater Vision
“He’d Still Been God”/”Do You Know How Much More”/”When The Home Gates Swing Open”/”Samaritan’s Heart”/”He’ll Carry Me”

Closing…Greater Vision and the Hoppers
“He Wrote My Name”/”What A Lovely Name”/”Oh Holy Night” (Dean did the first verse and Gerald did the second. They used the Hoppers’ arrangement.)

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply September 14, 14:11 #1 Joe Mannon

    Thanks, David. I especially appreciate that you let us know the songs that each group sings. It helps me to know what the ‘set’ consists of.
    I guess we only have one more night of your reviews. I look forward to Day 5. By the way, is there a Part B, to Day 4?

    I’m glad that you liked the Toney Brothers. They probably don’t get enough recognition. I think the current group is the best they’ve had, at least while I’ve been aware of them.


  2. Reply September 14, 23:39 #2 David Bruce Murray

    Patience…patience! :o)

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