Road Trip Review, Day 3, Part B

Monday Evening, September 12, 2005 – NQC
I figured most people would be more interested in the evening concerts at NQC, so I’m posting Part B of Day 3 first…which is actually the evening of Day 1 at NQC 2005. I’ll post Part A of Day 3 (NQC Day 1 Afternoon) tomorrow…confused yet? Read on and hopefully all will become clear.

The evening concert on the first day of NQC is traditionally devoted to male quartets. I think NQC got it right this year. There wasn’t a single group on the main stage that had me scratching my head going, “What on earth were they thinking letting them up there?”

I’m keeping up with the setlists so far. I wrote down everything I heard…granted, I did take a couple of breaks to roam the exhibit hall. I think I’m missing four groups, so if anyone who was there kept a setlist on the ones I missed, leave a comment and I’ll add it to this post. Also, I’m sure some titles aren’t precisely right, because I had to guess at the ones I didn’t already know.

As with previous Road Trip posts, my comments are in blue. An asterisk (*) beside a group name indicates the artists I particularly enjoyed. (The lack of an asterisk does NOT mean I disliked a group. See my comment above about NQC getting it right this year.)

Event Opening
*Florida Boys – “National Anthem”
*Gerald Wolfe, Dean Hopper, Kim Hopper, and Gene Mcdonald – “God Bless The USA”

Brian Lester was the emcee tonight.

IMO, Lester is the best host NQC has. I expect we’ll get treated to “Jerry Goff’s Parade Of Jokes From 1949” and Dr. Buck’s “Sing The Notes Off The Page Extravaganza” before the week is over.

*Melody Boys Quartet
“Victory In Jesus” (a cappella, but not on purpose. There was a malfuntion with their accompaniment)/”My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me”/”I’m Gonna Walk The Way He Wants Me To”/”Wrap Me In Your Arms Tonight, Sweet Shepherd” (This was a well written/arranged tune.)

“Have You Talked To The Man Upstairs”/”Just A Little Talk With Jesus”/”Mansion Over A Hilltop” (featuring 91 year old Bob Jones)/”Oh What A Savior”

*Stamps (As much as I loved hearing Ed Hill sing, his replacement Michael Helwig has brought some energy to this group that has really helped their stage presence, IMO. They sounded great tonight, singing a lot of uptempo songs, so they got more in than most groups.)
“We Have Come To Worship The Savior”/”Walkin’ And Talkin’ With My Lord”/”He’s Making A Change In Me”/”Victory Road”/”Church Twice On Sunday”/”Extra Little Bit Of Love”/”Sweet, Sweet Spirit”

“I’ll Not Turn My Back On Him Now”/”We Need To Thank God”/”Two Shoes”/”Winner Either Way”/”When I Got Saved”/”I’m Not Ashamed”

*Palmetto State Quartet
“I’m Going There”/”Movin’ Up To Heaven”/”Glory Can’t Tell It All”/”I’m On My Way”/”The Prayer” (piano solo by Andrew Ishee)/”Knock, Knock, Knock”/”We’ll Meet Again”

*Brian Free and Assurance
“Church Foundation Hymn Medley”/”In My Robe Of White”/”My Answer Is Yes”/”I Have Been Healed”/”Long As I Got King Jesus” (They had the old biddies up dancing on this one!) :o)

*Florida Boys
“Sing Your Blues Away”/”I Can’t Even Walk”/”On Some Sweet Day”/”More About Jesus”/”Tell Me Why”/”This Is The Day”/”While The Ages Roll”

*Legacy Five (L5 introduced their new bass player, Roger Bennet’s son Jordan.)
“I’m Feeling Fine”/”He’s Just A Whisper Away” (This was really a nice change of pace.)/”Monuments”/”Raised To Walk”/”You Died For Me”/”Out Of My Darkness”

*Dixie Melody Boys
“Far Above The Starry Sky”/”Wait ‘Til You See Me In My New Home” (Dustin Sweatman piano solo.)/”Give The World A Smile”/”Roll On, Jordan”/”Hide Thou Me”/”He Bore It All”/”‘Til The Storm Passes By”

*Gold City
“Angels From The Realms Of Glory” (a cappella)/”I’m Not Giving Up”/”He Said”/”It’s Still The Cross”/”When He Blessed My Soul”

Singing Ambassadors
“Clinging To A Saving Hand” (I took a break here and missed the rest of their set.)

Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet (I got back in time to hear them do one song. Tony Jarman sounded good singing tenor for them. I didn’t learn the name of the bass singer and I don’t know if the one singing was filling in or a permanent replacement for Jeff Pearles.)
“The Lighthouse”

*Dove Brothers (The Doves did three songs off their new CD, which seemed to go over well.)
“Have A Nice Day”/”Anything But Ordinary”/”Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel”/”When He Came Walking”/”Walk That Lonesome Road” (They’ve incorporated pianist Jerry Kelso into their comedy routine on this song.)/”Get Away, Jordan” (They did the encore section just once, but it brought the crowd to their feet.)

*Anchormen (This group is sounding very, very solid right now.)
“My Heavenly Home”/”Heaven’s Jubilee”/”Just A Little Talk With Jesus”/”Somebody Touched Me” (This is played as a hat tip to Danny Funderburke. Audiences connect, because Funderburke’s son is the emcee for the Anchormen now.)/”Where The Milk And Honey Flows” (This is not the song recorded by the Cathedrals on Faithful.)

Dixie Echoes
“I’m Gone” (And I was gone after that…my four hours of sleep from the night before was taking a toll, so I decided to avoid the rush and skip out early. Unfortunately, this meant I also missed hearing the Kingsmen, who were scheduled to close out the evening.)

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David Bruce Murray

David Bruce Murray is a church music director in Ellenboro, NC. He is the author of Murray's Encyclopedia Of Southern Gospel Music and the owner of both and David plays piano for Southern Sounds Quartet and the Foothills Community Choir.

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  1. Reply September 13, 21:58 #1 Joe

    David, You must be exhausted! What thorough reviews. I got to listen to a big portion of the concert last night, on the internet. That was cool, but not like being in person.

    Looking forward to your next review.


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